Solid Body Piko Plug

Price: $19.99

• Floats at Rest

• Made from Cedar

• 4.25” Body Length

• Size 1 Treble Hooks

• Adjustable Stainless Steel Diving Lip

• Stainless Steel Hardware

• Tank Tested

This classic lure has earned the trust and favor of many seasoned fishermen. A multi-species bait with a high frequency shake that will tempt musky, pike, walleye, and bass. Features an adjustable, stainless steel diving lip. Dives deep—up to 6ft when casting.

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Solid Body Piko Plug Construction:


(2) 1" Stainless Screw Eyes

(1) 1.5" Stainless Screw Eye

Size Comparison:


The Piko Plug compared to the old Pikie Minnow...

Longer Screw Eyes • Wiggle Free Diving Lip • Improved Line Tie